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Performance Signs & Graphics works with only trusted names like 3M to provide suitable products for your window needs. We understand that windows are necessary to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property, but at the same time, they also prove to be a security hazard. Break-ins through windows are common and can put the safety of your property and loved ones at risk. Our supplier, 3M, has developed different types of window films that help in enhancing the security of your property in Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

You can trust us to provide you with night vision films too. 3M has developed night vision films with a proprietary technology that maximizes sun control capabilities while toning down the interior reflectivity. This technology helps you stay protected without obstructing your view of the outside. 


The window films we offer are colour stable and do not fade over time. Our skilled and experienced professionals will help you choose the right shade depending on your needs. Apart from providing shade from the sun, the windows films protect against:

Forced entry

High winds and storms

Glass cut injuries

Harmful sun rays

We also offer security/solar combination films for customers looking to reduce sun glare. Applying window films on your windows saves your furnishings and other decor items from fading by sun rays. Our 3M ULTRA600 or 3M Safeguard S140 films are applied on the inside of the glass. These films are sturdy and protect against intruders. These laminates come with either 28 or 42 microlayers, which offer at least 7 times the tear resistance of the equivalent thickness of the basic polyester laminates. The 3M Ultra series is applied with the 3M IPA Attachment System to make forced entry difficult. The attachment system is used to bond the films effectively with the frames.

No Obstructed Views

Our window films keep your house protected from sun rays without blocking your view of the outside.

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