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Based out of Edmonton, Performance Signs & Graphics focuses on the growth of your business by employing graphic films, textured surface films, signage, floor graphics, and glass cover-ups. We have also helped clients create beautiful spaces in their homes with our wall murals and window films. Our products and services can make your residential and commercial property stunning. The products that we offer can help you promote your business. Take a look!

Earrings display in a shop
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Feature wall installation
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Graphics on tires
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Textured graphic film installation on a huge wall
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Feature wall installation with miniature cars and text
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Feature wall installation on the exterior walls of a shop
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Texture graphic film installation on the shutter of a shop
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Vehicle wrap on a car for advertisement
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Commercial Solar Control - Financial Return on Investment and longevity of your HVAC

Security Film at Bank - G20 Protesters caught on film, S140 protected

Spontaneous Glass Breakage - Nickel content can promote breakage

Residential Solar Control - Comfort, glare reduction, increases longevity of your possessions

DINOC Architectural Finishes - Budget savings, reduction on landfill use, non-invasive installations

Dichroic Glass Finishes

DINOC/FASARA & Graphic Architectural Finishes

Why 3M? 

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